When searching for the right senior living community, it is crucial to find one that caters to your specific needs and is adaptable to accommodate any future changes in those needs. While amenities and self-promotion can provide valuable insights, there is no substitute for personally visiting the community.

We have all encountered situations where our expectations were surpassed or dashed. Whether it was a school we were initially anxious about but ended up loving, or a job that seemed perfect until we met our boss, real-world experiences offer valuable revelations. Therefore, it is advisable to gather your inquiries and bring along a trusted friend or family member when embarking on a tour of a senior living community. Having company can help ease any initial discomfort, and their fresh perspective may lead to unexplored questions or observations.

To make the most of your senior living tour, here are the essential questions to ask:

Other Things to Consider on Your Tour

When exploring different types of senior living communities, whether it’s assisted living, independent living, or memory care, and whether you are considering it for yourself or a loved one, gathering comprehensive information is crucial. Choosing a senior living community is a significant investment, one that will profoundly impact your future, so it’s essential to conduct thorough research and due diligence.

In addition to the fifteen questions we have previously discussed, there are other key factors to observe during your tour of a community:

  1. Visual appeal and maintenance: Assess the overall appearance of the community. Is it well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing? Does it create a safe and inviting atmosphere?
  2. Emotional connection: Reflect on how the community makes you feel. Can you envision yourself living there? Does it evoke a sense of comfort and happiness, especially when considering meaningful moments with loved ones visiting?
  3. Staff interactions: Observe how the staff interacts with you during your visit. Their behavior can provide valuable insights into their approachability and professionalism.
  4. Community reputation: Research and consider the experiences of others who have had firsthand interactions with the community. Do their reviews align with your own observations and impressions during the tour?
  5. Apartment quality: Take a close look at the apartments. Are they well-maintained and visually appealing? Do they meet your expectations for comfort and functionality?
  6. Variety of activities: Assess the range of activities offered. Are there diverse options available, catering to different interests and preferences?
  7. Staff enthusiasm: Gauge the enthusiasm and willingness of the staff to answer your questions and showcase the community. Are they genuinely eager to assist, or do they appear uninterested or evasive?

By paying attention to these additional community factors, you can gather a more comprehensive understanding of the senior living community, enabling you to make a well-informed decision that aligns with your needs and preferences.

Interested in Our Community?

Interested in Our Community?

Our Providence Place retirement community offers our residents a true sense of home, community and friendship—all of which go a long way in providing them a retirement community with just the right mix of amenities for both a lively and gracious lifestyle.