Our Staff

Meet some of our welcoming and accommodating staff including: 
Richard Pelland, Executive Director
Laurie Hoey, Marketing Director 
Lauri OsipDirector of Resident Programs
Patricia Moriarty, Chef and Director of Dining Services. 
Roger Korell, Director of Facilities Operations
Maureen Bowler, Administrative Assistant

Richard Pelland

Richard Pelland Untitled-design-61.jpg

Executive Director

“Overall, the most important quality our staff possesses is heartfelt kindness—because kindness towards others is a selfless act that conveys compassion, care, respect and dignity, values fundamental to our mission.”

Laurie Hoey

Laurie Hoey Untitled-design-59.jpg

Marketing Director

“Upon entering our doors to Providence Place, one immediately gets the feeling of being ‘at home.’ I think the happiness of our residents and the friendliness of our staff creates a very warm and inviting environment, and that is what we strive for.”

Lauri Osip

Lauri Osip Untitled-design-60.jpg

Director of Resident Programs

"Keeping active is a key ingredient to a successful and productive 'retirement.' Providence Place provides opportunities to continue an engaging and fulfilling life journey. With friends."

Pat Moriarty

Pat Moriarty Chef.jpg

Chef, Director of Dining Services

“I find it very meaningful when our diners express their thanks to us. I really get a sense of their sincere appreciation for what we do here, every day.”

Roger Korell

Roger Korell roger-k.jpg

Director of Facilities Operations

“Our housekeeping and maintenance staffs are here to do all we can to keep Providence Place the well-cared for and safe environment our residents both expect and deserve.”

Maureen Bowler

Maureen Bowler maureen.jpg

Administrative Assistant

“I feel the residents know how approachable I am and I look forward to daily chats with them about family members and goings on here at Providence Place. I find myself smiling most of the time I'm here and there is definitely something to be said for that.”