Our Staff

Meet some of our welcoming and accommodating staff including: 
Richard Pelland, Executive Director
Laurie Hoey, Marketing Director 
Lauri OsipDirector of Resident Programs
Roger Korell, Director of Facilities Operations
Maureen Bowler, Administrative Assistant

Richard Pelland

Richard Pelland Untitled-design-61.jpg

Executive Director

“Overall, the most important quality our staff possesses is heartfelt kindness—because kindness towards others is a selfless act that conveys compassion, care, respect and dignity, values fundamental to our mission.”

Laurie Hoey

Laurie Hoey Hoey-Pic.jpg

Marketing Director

“Upon entering our doors to Providence Place, one immediately gets the feeling of being ‘at home.’ I think the happiness of our residents and the friendliness of our staff creates a very warm and inviting environment, and that is what we strive for.”

Lauri Osip

Lauri Osip Untitled-design-60.jpg

Director of Resident Programs

"Keeping active is a key ingredient to a successful and productive 'retirement.' Providence Place provides opportunities to continue an engaging and fulfilling life journey. With friends."

Roger Korell

Roger Korell roger-k.jpg

Director of Facilities Operations

“Our housekeeping and maintenance staffs are here to do all we can to keep Providence Place the well-cared for and safe environment our residents both expect and deserve.”

Maureen Bowler

Maureen Bowler maureen.jpg

Administrative Assistant

“I feel the residents know how approachable I am and I look forward to daily chats with them about family members and goings on here at Providence Place. I find myself smiling most of the time I'm here and there is definitely something to be said for that.”